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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Helmet Requirement Bills Introduced in the MN Legislature

Last week, two bills were introduced in the Minnesota State Legislature SF2381 and HF2755 (click each link to read the actual proposed bills yourself).  They would require helmets be worn by all motorcyclists.  The bills have an option to not wear one but that "right" requires a special license plate (at additional cost, of course) and proof of a whole lot of insurance.

I voluntarily wear a helmet when I ride but I support the right of adults to choose.  I would much rather see time, effort, and money go towards motorcycle awareness campaigns, safe driving campaigns, and rider education that can actually prevent accidents.

The AMA, SCVR, and ABATE all oppose bills SF2381 & HF2755.  I am a member of both the AMA and SCVR.  I encourage you to join one or all of these Motorcycle Rights organizations and use your membership, voice, and vote to protect your rights.

Reach out to your elected officials in the State House & Senate and ask them to oppose legislation that you don't agree with.  I contacted mine over these bills.

Not sure who to contact?  This online tool from the AMA makes it really easy to find out: Click here

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