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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Donnie Smith Bike Show 2012 - Part 4

We're getting into my favorite bikes from the 25th Annual Donnie Smith Bike Show now...

First up is Tom Fugle's panhead.  I saw this bike at the DicE party at the Kung Fu Tap & Taco last year and was blown away (click here for pics from that trip).  I was very pleasantly surprised to see it again.  Look closely to appreciate how badass this bike really is.  The seat looks insanely uncomfortable.  There are no footpegs.  There is no front brake.  The jockey shift doesn't have a knob. Etc. etc. etc.  It's awesome.

This is a great Evo hardtailed chop.  I love the headlight but you're not getting a full close-up view of it.  This blog is called Gophers and Cheese, not Beavers and Cheese.  If you missed out, you missed out.  I've seen similar headlight treatments on bikes from other members of the El Forastero MC.  I'm assuming someone in their club does it and I have no idea how - if it's a decal, paint, or something else.

All the bikes up to this point have been great (believe me, I spared you a lot of garbage and high-dollar nonsense) but my favorite bike of the show is in the next post.  Check back tomorrow!

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