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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Donnie Smith Bike Show 2012 - Part 1

The 25th Annual Donnie Smith Bike Show & Parts Extravaganza took place at the St. Paul RiverCentre last weekend.  I went on Saturday.  It was my fifth straight year attending the show and, as usual, it did not disappoint.  I took a ton of photos and I'll post a lot of them over the next few days so check back.

Here is a view of the main floor and it was packed.  An article on Cyril Huze's blog said attendance was about 30,000!

Here are two shots of the swap meet area:

With that out of the way, let's get to the bikes...

Here's a fantastic raked out 1966 Triumph T100 Bonneville chopper:

Nice paint on this 2007 Harley Road Glide.  I rented a Road Glide in Las Vegas and liked it but riding around in 100 degree weather was exhausting.  If I would ever actually own a motorcycle with a stereo, it would probably be a Road Glide. 

1911 Harley Davidson 7A:

If 1911 is too old-school for you, here's a trio of slightly (and I mean slightly) more modern Harleys.

I really like the paint on this 1973 Harley Davidson X-90 (aka Harley Shortster).  I also like the sign because at the very bottom it says, "Top speed: maybe 55 mph."

1972 shovelhead - yea!  Corporate theme bike - boo!   It's actually a cool bike and the theme is thankfully not overdone.

1975 Ironhead Sportster

So to recap, that was a garage-built chopper, blinged-out bagger, a boardtracker, three old Harleys, a mini-bike, a theme bike, and an ironhead.  Obviously the bikes at the show were very diverse.  Check back for lots more!

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