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Monday, February 27, 2012

Headlight Wiring Fixed

Last year, I replaced my stock headlight with a rectangular Lucas 8 driving light.  I bought a Harley connector and pins and did the wiring... incorrectly.  I initially wired it to the high beam, which annoyed me.

I tried to pull the wiring out of the Deutsch connector and mangled the wires.  I managed to cram them back into the correct spots so the headlight was wired to the low beam but the connection was crap.  It would occasionally go out and require a little jiggling of the wire for my headlight to come back on (not exactly safe).

A big part of the original issue was that I didn't have the proper Deutsch crimping tool so my poorly-crimped wires didn't fit inside the connector properly in the first place.

I bought a (relatively) cheap crimping tool on eBay and it works great!  I bought a new connector and pins from a Harley dealer online.

Here's the old connector.  Note that it just uses two wires since my light doesn't have a high beam.

I pulled the wires out, cut and stripped them back just a little and used my new tool to perfectly crimp the pins on them.  Sorry the pic is a little out of focus.

The pins went inside the new connector easily and now my headlight finally has a solid connection.

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