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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Fixed Neutral Light

I finally got to spend some quality time with the Sporty in the garage today.

I performed 5 tasks:
  1. Cleaned the bugs off the front of the bike that have been stuck there for a few months
  2. Fixed the neutral light that was broken all last year
  3. Replaced/relocated the choke
  4. Cleaned the air cleaner filter
  5. Put new tabs on the license plate (now legal 'til Feb 2013!)
I'll talk about the choke relocation in a future post.

The neutral light was out all last year.  Ever since I relocated the speedo to the left side of the bike, it hasn't worked.  I assumed it was a wiring issue or loose bulb and was just too lazy to troubleshoot it last year.  I was just really, really careful when letting the clutch out all year long.

Anyway, I pulled the indicator lights and inspected the bulbs.  Sure enough, the neutral light was burned out.

The Harley part number for the bulbs is 68024-94 but a quick search online showed that almost any auto parts store carries bulbs that will fit.  It only cost $4 for 2 bulbs.  Keep in mind that my 2004 still uses bulbs, not LED boards like the newer models.

Let there be light!

It turns out that it would have been a really quick & easy fix to do anytime last year.  I wish I would have done it sooner.

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