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Sunday, February 19, 2012

First Ride of the 2012 Season

I finally got the Road King out and went for a nice long ride.  The temperature broke 40 degrees and the roads were dry and in great shape.  The sky was sunny and clear.  I was layered up to stay warm.

I rode down to Red Wing.  I needed a new belt so picked one up at Red Wing Shoes.  Their belts are really well made and last.  Only reason I needed a replacement is because I've dropped a few pounds recently.

Here's a pair of shots near Prescott, WI.  You can see there is still a thin sheet of ice and snow on the river.

I warmed up with a tall glass (yes, a glass) of coffee at Bob's.

I was out for close to 4 hours and saw maybe a dozen other bikes in motion (two of them 2-up!) with another dozen parked at various places.  Seems like I wasn't the only one taking advantage of the unusually pleasant February weather.

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