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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Choke Relocation

I found this great CV carburetor choke mount kit on eBay to relocate the choke to the top of the carb thereby moving it from the left side of the Sportster to the right.  It contains a new short choke cable, polished aluminum bracket, and some stainless steel screws.  It's made by Killer Motorcycle Products.

Not only is this look going to be cleaner-looking (I hope) but it should be more practical - form and function.

My choke likes to retract by itself and yes I've tried tightening it but it never lasts.  It's probably a combination of old cable and engine vibration.  Hopefully the brand new cable doesn't auto-retract but we'll see.  It would be much easier to keep the choke open with my right hand so having the choke on the right side should be a better solution.

Now I just have to install it.

[UPDATE: Click here to see it installed]

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