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Friday, January 6, 2012

Brave (or crazy) winter riders

For Minnesota, it's been unusually warm and dry this winter.  Today's high was 46!  While my bikes have been parked in my garage since Thanksgiving, I have seen three different people out riding over the past two days, each on two wheels, not three.

On Thursday, I saw a pair of cafe racers riding downtown and then I saw a bagger today while driving home.  My driveway still has patches of ice all over it and so do other areas that don't get much sun but all the main roads seem fine.  They might be a little crazier than I am but I really can't blame them.

Apparently eight bikes showed up to First Thursday at Dulono's yesterday.  Check out the Everyday Riding blog for details and photo evidence.

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QNBIKES said...

I love riding in the winter, just get the right gear on a enjoy the quiet roads!! Ride on brother!!

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