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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Winter modification options

I've been kicking around some ideas for winter projects.  Sadly, the sunny days of summer like this one are gone.

Will 2012 finally be the year of the hardtail?  Probably not, but it's still not out of the question.

The only "have-tos" on my project list are fixing two electrical issues:
  1. Replace the connector for my headlight - I screwed it up the first time and my headlight sometimes goes out (just need to jiggle the wire to fix)
  2. Figure out what's wrong with the neutral light.  Ever since I disassembled the speedo assembly for relocation, my neutral light hasn't worked.  A working light would give me more peace of mind when releasing the clutch at a stop.  It's either a loose connection or a burnt out bulb.

Possible winter projects for my Sportster include:
  • I have a pair of ruby red Hippy Killer grips that I might install but I still really like the look and feel of my Kuryakyn Iso grips
  • I really like Biltwell's new Sanderson foot pegs.  Again, I'm not unhappy with my Kuryakyn pegs so it's difficult to justify.
  • My header pipes could use a re-wrap since I tore my rear header's wrap a year ago
  • I am strongly considering making my own set of pipes - requires me to learn to weld too!
  • I want to finally shave my front fork legs (was on last year's list but never got around to it)
  • I want to relocate the choke to the right side of the bike - the choke on the left side drives me nuts when trying to warm the bike up
  • Belt-to-chain conversion (not convinced I want to do this but my belt is getting old...)
  • I might look into options to change the rear lights
  • My gas tank could use some touch up around the filler hole as the paint is bubbling (not visible when gas cap is in place).  It also needs another coat of clear so I can buff it really smooth.
  • Considering swapping the rear wheel with a spoked one
  • I am looking at options to clean up the rear of the bike (the fender sits too high above the tire, in my opinion).
    • Hardtail the frame - would require new seat, sissybar, oil tank, and more
    • Shorter shocks (10-11")
    • Struts (probably not)
    • Mount a new rear fender to the swingarm (I like the ribbed ducktail style) - would probably require a new sissybar and possibly seat.
Decisions, decisions...

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