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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Ride Safe

Sunday was beautiful!  I rode I-94E out to the MN/WI border and took the St Croix Trail down to Prescott and kept going past Diamond Bluff along WI-35 to ride County Road O before heading back north.  Given the great weather, there were a ton of bikes out.  It was reminiscent of the Flood Run.

I rode County Road O all the way out to the Gas-Lite and turned around (I didn't stop at the Gas-Lite).  On my way back, I passed a biker coming the other way giving the "slow down" sign.  I assumed there must be a cop.  I was surprised there was anything unusual, particularly since I had just finished riding the road in the other direction.  I lowered my speed and soon saw some flashing lights so I assumed a cop pulled someone over.  Then I saw some sport bikes pulled over and assumed the whole group had been stopped.  I have seen groups of sportbikes fly down that road before.

I slowed way down and saw it was an accident, not a traffic stop.  A green sportbike was off the road and practically upside down while the rider (I assumed) was in the grass with his buddy helping to keep his neck straight.  His helmet was off and he appeared to be alive as I passed.  I didn't see any blood.  The group seemed to be wearing proper gear (leathers, full-face helmets, etc.), much better than the hoodie, jeans, and 3/4 helmet I was wearing.  After passing the scene, I saw an ambulance and two fire trucks pass me heading towards the accident.

What should have been a wonderful riding treat in terms of gorgeous October weather was quite the opposite for one guy and his group of friends.  I don't know if it was speed/recklessness, mechanical failure, wildlife (I have seen deer on that road a few times), loose gravel, or what caused the crash.  I just hope he's OK.

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