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Friday, October 7, 2011

First Thursday - October 2011

October can be chilly in Minnesota but at 75 degrees and clear, the unseasonably warm weather made for an outstanding turnout for First Thursday at Dulono's Pizza.

The only downside is that the days are a lot shorter than the middle of summer so it was practically dark when I got there.  It was still packed.

I rode my Sportster.

I had to hunt through the dark to find the interesting bikes.  Here's a raked out pan.

Of course some bikes are easier to find in the dark than others.

Here's a pair of bikes from the Heavy crew.

Lots of points and angles on this hardtail:

Check out this Norton chopper with coffin tank.

There were a couple of interesting mini bikes including this one...

... and this one with apes.

This Yamaha really stood out to me.  I like it but I would never have the patience for all the speed holes.  The owner is apparently really good with a drill.

The crowd was very large - the photos don't do it justice.  I headed over to The Joint afterwards and it was really busy as well.  We'll see if the weather can be as nice next month.  Sadly, I doubt it.

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