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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Rad's Extra Sharp Motorcycle Show - Part 2

Here are more pics from Rad's Extra Sharp Motorcycle Show last Saturday at the Bass Lake Cheese Factory in Wisconsin.

Here's a really clean white FLH entered in the "Vintage" class.

The paint on this bike says it all.

I really liked this green 1969 FLH.

Some well-used dirt and mini bikes...

Badass bagger:

Here's another view of many of the bikes entered in the show.

As a reminder, I had my bike entered into the "Mild H.D." class.

The voting wasn't done by the audience.  There were just a few select judges including Tom Rad himself that hand-picked the winners.  And the result of the "Mild H.D."class judging was...


How fitting that the Sportster on "Gophers and Cheese" wins its first bike show at a cheese shop in Wisconsin earning a cheese-shaped trophy and $20.  The trophy is machined aluminum and painted two shades of gold by Tom.  It's awesome.

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