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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Gunflint Trail 2011 - Part 4

Day Three:

We woke up very early to do some fishing.

Here you can see where the bikes spent the night.

We took a rowboat out on the lake.

We didn't know it at the time but my dad caught the best fish of the trip that morning - this pike.

I didn't catch anything all day but I did manage to create giant knots in my line.  Give me a break - I haven't fished in over 15 years.  I still had fun though.

We headed out for some breakfast.  There's a gravel road, maybe a mile or so long, between the Gunflint and the cabin.

We headed northwest to the very end of the Gunflint Trail and ate at the Trails End Cafe.

It was here, while waiting for our food, that tragedy struck.  The shoulder strap on my Sony NEX-3 camera hooked a shelf and fell out of my hand hitting the outdoor deck.  It wasn't completely broken but it was damaged.  The shutter covering the sensor wouldn't fully close.  Here is a photo taken after the drop.

I have had the NEX-3 for a year and love the camera.  I still need to get it repaired.  Thankfully, I had a backup in my Canon Elph SD 400.  The photo quality isn't even close but it's small and very portable.

After returning to the cabin, we decided to take a hike along the Centennial Trail, near the lodge.  It took longer and was more challenging than we expected but we enjoyed it.  Here's a shot of the Tuscarora sign on the Gunflint Trail taken as we were walking back.

Another shot of the bikes parked by the cabin:

We fished some more and the sunset that night was beautiful.  The lodge owners have a dog named Denali that would make the rounds every so often.  She was friendly and always seemed content just to hang out.

One more of the bikes...

Pics from day four are next...

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