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Thursday, August 11, 2011

First Thursday - August 2011 - Part 3

Here's my last round of pics from "First Thursday" at Dulono's Pizza...

Who says you can't tour on a Sportster?  At one point (before I bought my Road King and chopped my Sporty), I had a removable windshield, passenger seat, sissybar, and luggage rack.  It's true!  I know it can be done.  However, I wasn't ever as serious about it as this guy.  Check out what appears to be a homemade hitch setup for pulling a trailer.  This Sportster is set up for serious touring.

It would be really funny if he pulls a big twin on the trailer behind him.

Here's an interesting bike.  There are a lot of cool details on this aggressive looking bike.

It seems like every bike show and bike night I've attended lately I've seen bikes from the guys at Heavy.  This was no exception.

This is an interesting shovel.  I don't know whether I like it or not.  I think the paint is what bothers me.  In my opinion, the bike looks much better in black & white.

See, better in black & white, right?

I'll wrap this post up with a classic flathead.

If you're anywhere near Minneapolis, don't miss First Thursday!

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