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Friday, July 8, 2011

Motorcycle Hall of Fame Museum - Part 1

Last week I was in Ohio and visited the Motorcycle Hall of Fame Museum for the first time.  It's located in Pickerton, just outside of Columbus.

Here's a 1930 Henderson Four.  Great looking bike.  I love the gauges.

Right next to it was a 1926 Harley Davidson Peashooter.  It had the same brand of speedometer but in kilometers as it was sold in Europe.  I find the headlight/horn cluster really interesting.

1914 Harley Davidson Pocket Valve Racer:

Here's a really cool XR750.  Wicked pipes.

Here's a much older 1970s era XR750.  Check out the muffler heat shield and tank pad.  No speedo, just a tach.

Many more pics to come...

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