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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Lighting Up The Sky - Headlight Installation Failure

Not everything goes according to plan... I wanted to get my new Lucas Sqaure 8 headlight installed for the most recent First Thursday.  It didn't happen.  I'll explain why...

First, I used some of the same heavy duty square tubing that I used for my speedometer bracket to make a headlight bracket.  I was quite proud of the way it turned out.

Marking the lines:

Rough cut:

After grinding, sanding, and painting (flat black):

Bracket bolted to forks:

And here's how awesome the headlight looked.  I really like it!

Now for the problems... there were two...

The first you can't see.  Over the winter, I messed with a lot of my wiring under the tank as I did a tank swap, wire tuck, etc.  My low beam hasn't worked since I put the bike back together and I thought I had a burned out bulb so I've just been running on high beam.  That's not the case, I tested my old headlight and both beams are fine.  I have a wiring issue that I need to chase down and my new headlight is only wired to the low beam in the connector.  I need to pull the tank off and find where I didn't reassemble a connector properly.

The second is the headlight angle.  The light itself can be adjusted a little but this is pointed as far down as it will go.

Basically, it's pointed at the sky, not the road.  My big mistake was making an nice looking bracket that was ultimately not functional - it wasn't angled down at all and/or adjustable to compensate for the rake of the forks.

I put the old headlight back on before heading out to First Thursday.  This week I have gone back to the drawing board and made a new bracket that actually points the headlight at the road (what a novel idea) and I just finished painting it tonight.  Pics to come.  Now, I just need to troubleshoot that wiring problem and I'll be all set.

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