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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Headlight Bracket and Wiring Progress

After making a sweet bracket that was pointed too high and finding that I had a low beam wiring issue, I went back to the drawing board to get my Lucas Square 8 headlight installed.

At first, I wanted to re-use the bracket I made.  My plan was to drill a hole through the side, cut off the bottom, get another piece of metal and basically allow the bracket to swivel.  Here is the work in progress:

At the point you see above, I began to have serious concerns about this plan.  The material is really thick and might not tighten down.  I also felt I was over-complicating the design.

I picked up some 3/16" x 1" flat stock and took my MAPP torch to it.  When the spot I wanted to bend was glowing red, I bent it to an angle that would essentially offset the rake of my forks.  I drilled two 3/8" holes, rounded off the edges, primed, and painted it (gloss black).

Often the best designs are the simplest.

I'm still waiting for the paint to fully dry so I haven't installed it yet.

However, I did chase down my wiring issue.  I pulled the tank off to access my wiring and, sure enough, I didn't get one of the connectors back together correctly.

Do you see the issue?

That was a really easy fix except for the time to pull off and reinstall the tank.  I can't believe I didn't do a better job testing my wiring before installing the tank in the first place.  Oh well.

Obviously, the light is not mounted but I finally have power to it:

Yes, it's bright:

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