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Monday, June 6, 2011

First Thursday - June 2011 - Part 3

Even more photos from First Thursday at Dulono's Pizza...

I really like this bike:

Here's a nice pair of modern Bonnies.

I've seen this bike before but it has so many awesome details including the pistol hand shift & clutch combo.

By far, the most bizarre bike I saw was this Freddy Krueger sport bike.  What, do you think only OCC makes theme bikes?

The bike that really stood out to me was this one.  I think it's a Buell.  It has tons of custom parts and a big tank of NOS up front.  In the photos, I love the way the bike pops as it's parked next to a bunch of blacked out Harley baggers.  This bike looks very fast.

Go check out First Thursday next month!

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