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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

DicE / CoC / Kung Fu Tap and Taco 2011 - Part 10

How many pics did I take???  Close to 500 but I'm "only" posting about 150 of them.  I still have a few posts to go so here are more pictures from the  DicE / Church of Choppers / Kung Fu Tap and Taco party in Iowa...

If you are a fan of Kemosabe and the Lodge, you might recognize Josh Kurpius' shovelhead.  Josh's photography is excellent.

This bike had an interesting tank.  I don't think it was painted (maybe it was) - it seemed like the graphics were wrapped or dipped.

Another crowd shot:

I'm a sucker for hot rods and rat rods.  Check out Cornfed Customs.  The corncob rocket ship wood inlay in the bed is fantastic.  I love it.

Rods and choppers existing in perfect harmony.

I took a short walk for a view of downtown Des Moines.

Heading back to the bar I got a few good crown shots from across the street.

More pics to come...

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