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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

DicE / CoC / Kung Fu Tap and Taco 2011 - Part 3

More bikes from the Dice / Church of Choppers party down in Iowa...

The diamond plate seat might be uncomfortable but hey, at least he's running shocks.

Crowd shot

Tommy Z's bike - same year and model as mine

Awesome ironhead:

I saw this done on a few bikes - taping the directions to the tank.  Smart.  I like the last line, "stop when smelling tacos."

I really liked the lace paint of the Sporty in this pic:

Another Sporty:

Cool bike:

Tired of the same old motorcycle seat?  Try an actual saddle:

This hardtailed Sporty is fantastic:

Tons of pics yet to be posted.  Come on back...

1 comment:

Jon said...

Hey! That's my bike with the directions taped to it...I get lost easily.

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