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Monday, May 16, 2011

Winter Project Recap with Detailed Photos

I did so much work on my Sportster this past winter that I thought I would try to recap it all in a single post.  If you are interested in more detail, I've organized and included links to prior posts.

Like all of my pictures, click on any of them to see a larger version.

The most notable change was swapping the tank and painting the rear fender.  I had a stock 4.5 gallon tank and replaced it with a 3.3 gallon king tank with pop-up gas cap.  I painted both the tank and fender using good ol' rattlecan spray paint and went with a lace panel style.  I protected them with SprayMax 2K clear coat, also in a spray can.

Due to a fall on a patch of ice last year (see this post) I had a few repairs to take care of.  I replaced the front brake lever and right mirror.

I also had to replace my rear brake lever and re-do the modification that allows a shift peg to fit where the "meat tenderizer" pedal used to be.

The new tank meant a lot of other things had to change.  The stock riser setup would hit the tank so I replaced the risers with a very basic and low black riser setup.  I think they go well with the black Biltwell clubman bars I already had.  Here's a shot at a slightly upward angle so you can see how I have my wires exit the bars.  This is also a good shot of the Kuryakyn RoundIt wire wrapping I used in many spots around the bike to dress up the wiring.

The stock risers also held the speedometer so I relocated that to hang off the tank bolt using a custom bracket.  I mounted it at an angle so it's easy to see my speed.  I relocated the indicator lights at the same time.

While I had the tank off, I decided to perform a wire tuck and ignition relocation to clean up the area under the tank.

To accommodate the wire tuck and add a slightly more aggressive style to the tank, I lifted the tank in the front using homemade brackets.  It's a 2 inch lift.

Since I knew all along my new paint job would be red and black, I decided to swap out my spark plug ignition wires with a pair of red wires from Magnum Shielding.  I repainted the horn cover but it looks the same as it did (previously modified).  Under the tank, you can also see where I replaced the stock petcock with a Golan petcock.  With the new petcock, I had to cap the vacuum line on the carb.  Due to the tank vent/overflow position on the new tank, I has to extend that line too.

The other thing I had to change because of the tank was the seat.  I replaced my very comfortable Mustang Vintage Wide Solo with a LePera Barebones which is certainly less comfortable but looks good (and I got a great deal I couldn't pass up).

I also relocated my flying eyeball emblem on the rear fender to cover a hole where the old seat used to mount.  It used to sit closer to the edge of the fender but was often blocked from view by the sissy bar.

Another little touch was using a circular saw blade for an air cleaner cover.  I think it matches the tank and fender quite well.

The other thing I changed under the tank was the carb cover.

After running across an interesting one online, I decided to change the shift linkage.

A finishing touch were these billet aluminum valve stem caps that I put on my rear shocks.  Classy.

I have a fork stem nut cover waiting to be installed but it has a very tiny set screw that I don't have a wrench/bit for (see post here).  I'll figure that out soon and get it installed.

I had intended to shave my front forks too (remove the fender mounting tabs) but I guess I have to save something for later.

All that's left to do now is ride the hell of out it.


Anonymous said...

Great Project there !
About Kuryakyn RoundIt wire wrapping, I'd like to do same, which size did you use (1/4, 3/8 or 1/2") ?
Thanks !!

Gophers and Cheese said...

Sorry for the slow response... I used multiple sizes and I think I ended up using all 3 for various sections. It all depends on what you're covering so simply check the diameter of the wire or bundle and the length. If it's close, go with the bigger diameter as it will wrap over itself.

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