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Monday, May 2, 2011

Where The Hell Is Spring?

Seriously, where the hell is it?  It's May and I went for a ride yesterday.  I had to pull over early into my ride to throw on my face mask and snowmobile gloves.  I actually saw a few snowflakes fall from the sky too.  This is insane.  It's May!!!

I took a ride up MN-47.  I went a little north of St Francis, MN.  I took this pic of German Lake in Bradford from 285th Ave NW.

On my way back south, I stopped at a liquor store in St Francis with one of those signs that shows the time and temperature.  For anyone visiting from outside the US thinking 28 Celsius is a warm sunny day, I can assure you it was absolutely not - it was 28 degrees Fahrenheit.  That's -2 degrees to my international friends.

One of these days, I need to install some heated grips.  Who would've thought I'd need them in May?

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