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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Sportster Done!!! (For Now)

I was determined to reassemble the Sportster this weekend and succeeded.  I was also able to take it for a short ride today which was awesome.  It ran great and looks fantastic.

The seat is a lot smaller than my last one (I replaced my Mustang Vintage Wide Solo with a LePera Barebones).  I basically went from the biggest seat you can get for a Sportster to the smallest.  My ass-to-seat ratio has definitely swung in an uncomfortable direction but I don't really care.  Ask me again after I get a chance to get a good 200 mile ride in.  Maybe I'll change my mind.

Here are some pics that I took today, just before I washed it and took it for a ride (in case you're wondering why it looks so dusty).  I'll get some alternate-angle and detail pics up soon.

I am VERY happy with the results.

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