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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Dodging Storms and Racking Up Miles

I had a great day on the bike yesterday.  With my mom babysitting, my wife and I got out for a long ride on the Road King.  First stop was P.D. Pappy's in Stillwater.  The water is still really high and they had sandbags around the patio.

The Road King is 4th from the left:

I don't have pics from the rest of the ride but we crossed into Wisconsin, headed south to Diamond Bluff and stopped at Nauti Hawg for lunch (they have awesome burgers).  Continued south to Maiden Rock and had amazing pie at the Smiling Pelican.  We headed north and the sky looked dark.  I checked the weather on my phone and some serious storms were coming through.  We decided to ride under them and crossed back into Minnesota in Red Wing.  We continued west and dropped south to Welch.  We stopped for ice cream at the Trout Scream Cafe.  In Welch, the tornado siren went off.  It was so freakin' loud!  We jumped back on the bike and headed south the Vasa and west to Cannon Falls.  We decided to wait for the storm to pass and relaxed at the winery there (not a bad place to wait out a storm).  We bought a few bottles, stuffed them in the saddlebag, and headed north towards the twin cities.  We hit some rain but it wasn't too bad (maybe 10-15 minutes of rain).  We dried out by the time we got home.

Overall, it was a 200-mile adventure and a great day on the bike.

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