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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Spring Flood Run missing a key ingredient

The 2011 Spring Flood Run is this Saturday.  It happens twice a year and is my favorite local riding event.  The only problem is you need Spring to have a Spring Flood Run and this winter has overstayed its welcome and won't go away.

The weather forecast for Saturday has fluctuated between bad and terrible.  Currently, it looks like it might be cloudy and hit 50 and that's actually quite good compared to 30s with a good chance of snow (yes, snow), which was being forecasted just a few days ago.  Sadly, there is still a little snow in the forecast for Friday night but it's supposed to melt by Saturday morning.  The run is less than 48 hours away but things could still change, hopefully for the better.  Wish me (and everyone else hoping to do the run) luck.

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