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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Painting the Gas Tank - Part 4

The next step in my lace panel paint job was to fog the edges of the lace panels.  The purpose of fogging the edges is to make the pinstripes more distinct and make the lace look even better.

While testing this on my scrap metal, I freehanded the fogging effect with the spray can.  However, I wasn't going to risk that technique with my tank and fender.  The narrow "racing stripe" lace is way too thin to try it.  Instead, I dusted off my old airbrush for the first time in many years.

Concerned with paint compatibility, I decided to use the the same black spray paint I will be using on my tank & fender in my airbrush.  How?  Giving credit where credit is due, I used a method I found detailed here.  I duct taped a straw to a can of Dupli-Color Gloss Black spray paint.

Then I shook it up and gently sprayed some down the straw and right into the airbrushes paint cup.  This method worked great!  What's so weird is how the propellant makes the paint bubble like it's carbonated or something.

After the paint settled down and stopped bubbling, I just followed the pinstripes, careful to try to get an even "fog" on the inside of the pinstripe.  The outside didn't matter since that will all be sprayed black soon.

I was really happy with the results, but you won't get the full effect until a little later.

Come back later for Part 5...

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