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Friday, April 29, 2011

Painting the Gas Tank - Part 3

With the pinstriping complete, my next step was the lace panels.

The materials I used were Scotch Blue Painters Tape, some printer paper to mask overspray, Krylon Easy-Tack, and Dupli-Color Gloss Black Acrylic Enamel.

The fender was up first.  I started off applying masking tape right down the center of the pinstripes and tucking paper under to mask the rest of the fender.

Then I cut a piece of lace and applied a few coats of Easy-Tack and pressed it down against the fender.

After practicing on some scrap metal, I learned a decent technique to spray the lace.  The key is to be to right distance from the lace and spray from a consistent angle to get the crispest possible pattern.  Here is it right after pulling up the lace.

Then I pulled off the masking tape carefully and my pinstriping remained perfectly in place.

I repeated the process with the top of the tank.  Here you can see the two lined up.

Then I did both sides of the tank following a similar process.

I narrowly avoided a small disaster.  I only stuck the lace on the side with the Easy-Tack and once I started spraying black, the lace got heavier and started to pull away from the tank.  Luckily, I had done enough where the pattern was not ruined.  It wasn't quite as crisp in along some edges as I would have liked but it was good enough and I'll be fogging the edges anyway so that will cover it up.  I used tape (in addition to Easy-Tack) to hold the lace in place on the other side and that worked great.

While I was at it, I painted the circular saw blade that I plan to use as an air cleaner cover too.  I painted it red, laid down two rings of pinstriping tape, and painted it black.  The red will look deeper after the transparent red coat later.

Even more to come in Part 4...

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