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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Painting the Gas Tank - Part 1

In previous posts, I covered how I sealed, prepped, and primed the new 3.3 gallon tank I bought for my Sportster.  I also stripped and primed my previously chopped rear fender.

Now it's on to the fun (and scary) part - painting them.  Again, the style I am going for is lace panels and the colors are red and black.

Initially, I went ahead and painted the rear fender gloss black and the tank got a basecoat of Dupli-Color Metalcast silver.  Here's the tank in silver.  Note that all the Bondo work around the gas cap is done and turned out great.

After messing around with painting lace panels on scrap metal (see this post).  I felt that Dupli-Color Metal Specks Retro Red would be a better basecoat for the transparent Metalcast Red that will come later.  I also decided to go a different direction with the fender and incorporate some lace.  To ensure it would match the tank, I roughed up the black paint I had sprayed and covered it in silver too.

I then went ahead and sprayed a few coats of Retro Red.  I didn't bother getting the underside of the tank since that will eventually need to be sprayed black.  The sides and top is where the lace will go and therefore where the red is most important.

At this point, I let the paint dry for a week to ensure it was cured and ready for masking.  The drying time was probably overkill but the weather has been poor and I'm trying to avoid rework so it wasn't a big deal to wait.

More to come in Part 2...

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