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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Defrost Your Nuts Run 2011 - Part 4

Again, here's the map of this year's route.

After leaving the Mallalieu Inn, the first stop was the American Legion in Somerset.

I got confused by the map and ended up backtracking and taking 64 to 65 to H.  V V and 35 overlap and they look like different roads on the map they handed out.  Oh well.

Here is stop #2, the Cedar Creek Inn.

The area around the Cedar Creek Inn was nice.  Here's a nearby lake.
That lake empties through this waterfall and then runs behind the bar.

Hey man... what's the name of this run we're on man... the defrost your... defrost your... uh... what is it man?

Next stop was Outer Limits.

Then it was the longest stretch of riding before getting to Johnny B's in Hersey, WI.  I enjoyed a hot dog and chips.

Last stop was JJ's Sports Bar.  This pic is the side of the bar taken from a gas station across the street.  There was a line of rain heading my way so I decided to head home from there.

My nuts are officially defrosted.

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