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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Defrost Your Nuts Run 2011 - Part 3

Here are more bikes from the 2011 Defrost Your Nuts Run.

I really liked this trike.  The owner likes Yosemite Sam.

I am pretty sure I have seen this CB750 on the Flood Run.  Looks like the owner made a few changes since the last time I saw it.

Check out the leather and upholstery work on this Goldwing.  Vintage.

I like springer front ends.

I think this qualifies as a rat bike.  Someone was looking for rat bikes in my posts from the Donnie Smith show.  Here you go.

There weren't a lot of older bikes but here's an old Shovelhead.

My favorite bike was this 1957 Panhead.  It just needs to lose the bag on the bars.

Come back for pics from the actual run next...

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