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Monday, April 11, 2011

Defrost Your Nuts Run 2011 - Part 2

There were a ton of interesting bikes at the 2011 Defrost Your Nuts Run.

This is a Road Glide with Metallica's "...And Justice For All" CD used as an air cleaner cover.

Here's a nice pair of customized bikes.  I especially like the light green paint with copper accents.

Here's a Road King converted into a St. Paul Fire Department tribute bike:

Here are three different 2003 Harley 100th Anniversary bikes in a row.

Seeing triple... how about double?  These two blacked-out bikes look identical at first glance and then, if you look closer, they are completely different.

If that's too much black and you need a splash of color, how about this?  This is a bold bike.

If you're head's not spinning enough, answer me this... if you have a Honda Goldwing and you want to take your dog on a motorcycle ride with you, what do you do?  This:

Yes, it's a custom-built motorcycle trailer for a dog.  Get your own here.  Be warned, the base price is $3,095!!!

More bikes in the next post...

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