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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Stripping the Fender

I had previously chopped my rear fender and painted it.  Like the horn cover in my previous post, I want the paint on the rear fender to match my new tank so I decided to repaint it.

I had a flying eyeball emblem on the fender so I used my heat gun and some dental floss to remove it.  I then peeled the remaining mounting tape off the emblem so I can reinstall it later.

I then drilled out the rivets holding the plastic guard on the fender.  When I previously painted the fender, I simply masked off the guard but didn't remove it.  I decided to do this job properly.  You can see the stock red and silver paint along with a lot of dirt & mud where the plastic guard covered it.

I went ahead and used the Scotch-Brite discs to remove the paint, which worked really well.  When I painted the fender the last time, I only roughed up the stock paint.  This time, I got down to bare metal.

The downside of being so thorough is the mess it makes.  Everything in my garage is now extra dusty.  Check out my crazy wolfman hands.  The dust covered my hands while I was working.  In case you're concerned for my health, yes, I was wearing a mask and goggles.

Here are a few shots with the paint stripped.  I later primed it with Duplicolor self etching primer.

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