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Monday, March 28, 2011

Donnie Smith Bike Show 2011 - Part 2

I hope everyone reading this around the Twin Cities made their way over to the Donnie Smith Bike Show this past weekend.  If you didn't, you can check out the pics here over the next few days and make sure you don't miss it next year.

Where to start?...  Hmmm... Let's start with Sportsters!  There were a ton at the show.

This is a 2009 XL883 Iron.  I like the retro AMF-style paint job.  It's also rockin' a Bench Mark slinky air cleaner, which was the first I've seen in person.  It was smaller than I expected, but looked great.  The bike also had some narrow window-style bars and some interesting mods to the hand controls.  Struts in the back and a really thin seat should make any prospective passenger think twice.

There were older Sporties there too.  This is a 1962 with a race-inspired look.  I like the triangle headlight.  This bike just looks fast.

This 2010 Forty-Eight was more stock than most bikes at the show (except the antiques).  However, the mods are tasteful and the bike looks good even though I personally prefer a skinny front tire on Sportsters.

Here are a pair of older Sportsters, not sure on the years...

This one is newer but, again, not sure of the year.  I know that I've seen this one before.  It appears to be 2003 or earlier.

I'll have a few more Sportsters in the next post...

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