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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Brake Pedal Modified and Installed

Since this is actually the third time I've done this mod, I didn't take a lot of pics along the way.  I'm getting much faster and better at it.
  • First time: Did not drill the hole straight - peg ended up noticeably skewed
  • Second time: Worked great, then dropped the bike and it bent
  • Third time: Worked great and is hopefully the last time I do this mod

Here is a pic of my modified (but bent) brake pedal [bottom] next to a fresh (but used) replacement [top]

The stock pedal looks kind of like a meat tenderizer.  With some care, you can cut and grind away enough where you can drill and tap a hole to mount any standard shift peg.  I use a Kuryakyn Longhorn Iso Peg to match my other grips and pegs.

Here's the modified brake pedal installed.

You can see how the brake pedal on the right looks nice and symmetrical compared to the shift peg on the left.

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