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Sunday, February 20, 2011

2011 International Motorcycle Show - Part 1

I attended the 2011 Progressive International Motorcycle Show at the Minneapolis Convention Center on February 6th.

It was the morning of Super Bowl Sunday and the show was busy, but it did not seem as busy as Saturdays when I have attended the show in the past.  There is lots to see at the show including the latest models from all the major manufacturers, some custom bikes, some classic bikes, and even a stunt show.  The nice thing about all the factory bikes is that you can sit on whichever bike you like and get a feel for it without any hassle.

I'll start with the factory bikes.  The newest model from Harley Davidson is the Blackline, a softtail "dark custom".  They had two - one in orange and one in blue.  The bike is just OK to me.  What stood out was the speedo & indicator mount.  I covered that in a previous post as it looks like it might work for my speedo relocation project.  I just need to get part numbers and prices.

The one model on the entire floor that really stood out and spoke to me was the Ducati Diavel.  It's a cruiser but a very sporty one.  I think it's absolutely beautiful and would love to take one for a test ride.  I saw coverage of it online weeks ago but it's even better in person.  With 162HP and the claim of 0-60 in 2.6 seconds, it's enough to make me add a non-Harley to the stable one day.

Many more pics from the show to come...

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