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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Winter Progress (Or Lack Thereof)

At the start of winter, I had a relatively small (but ambitious) list of projects that I wanted to complete on the Sportster before Spring, mostly centered around changing my gas tank:
  • Change tank (seal & paint)
  • Change seat (because of tank change)
  • Change risers & clamp (because of tank change)
  • Relocate Speedo (because of tank change)
  • Shave Forks (remove fender tabs)
  • Repair damage caused by fall on ice
    • Replace rear brake lever & bolts
    • Replace mirror
    • Replace or sand/re-paint front brake lever
Clearly, the list above wasn't challenging enough so I have added the following projects to it:
  • Repaint rear fender and relocate flying eyeball emblem
  • Repaint horn cover
  • Fabricate custom indicator light mount
  • Tank Lift (includes making custom brackets)
  • Wire Tuck
  • Relocate ignition (includes making custom ignition bracket and chopping coil bracket)
  • Change spark plug wires
  • Change carb cover
  • Extend gas tank vent hose since new tank has different location
  • Change valve stem caps on air shocks
It went from being an ambitious list to a very ambitious list.  Here's my current status on each project:
  • Tank: Stock tank removed, new tank purchased, not sealed or painted yet
  • Seat: Done!
  • Risers and Clamp: Done!
  • Speedo: Speedo removed, clamp purchased, backplate ordered
  • Forks: Not started
  • Repairs:
    • Rear brake lever & bolts: Purchased lever, shift peg, and bolts.  Painted bolts.  Need to chop lever to use shift peg.
    • Mirror: Received as gift
    • Front brake lever: Not started
  • Rear Fender: Not Started
  • Horn Cover: Not Started
  • Custom indicator light mount: In progress (very time consuming)
  • Tank lift: Done!
  • Wire Tuck: In progress
  • Ignition: Brackets done, just need to figure out how I want to secure and hide the wiring
  • Spark Plug Wires: Done!
  • Carb cover: In progress but is more difficult to replace than anticipated
  • Vent hose: Not started
  • Valve Stem Caps: Purchased
I won't consider sealing or painting the tank until it gets a little warmer.  I will probably save the fork-shaving for last since it's only a "nice-to-have" mod and can be done anytime.  Everything else needs to get done before I can ride.  I realize Spring is still a while away but I have a lot to do.  My current focuses are the indicator mount, the wiring, and carb cover.  Progress has been steady but slow.  I'll get some fresh pics up soon.

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