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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Carb Cover Installed

After getting to a stopping point on the carb cover installation a few days ago, I had two options:
  1. Remove the air cleaner assembly and carb to loosen the throttle/idle cable bracket properly and hope I don't mess up gaskets, o-rings, and such along the way
  2. Just bend the thottle/idle cable bracket out of the way and bend it back when I was done

I went the easy route (#2).  I was able to get the stock cover off easily after bending the bracket slightly with needle-nose pliers.  Many thanks to members of the XL Forum for the tip.

Here is my new carb cover installed:

I love the way it flows with the rocker covers.  I want to get socket cap screws to replace those that came with the cover.  The tiny buttonheads seem way too easy to strip.

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