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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Bearded Lady Motorcycle Show 2010 - Part 6

All my recent re-posts from the Bearded Lady Motorcycle Show have inspired me to go back and review all the photos I took that day and I have pulled together another set.

These haven't been posted before.  I'll give you the black-and-whites first and then post color ones.

I think it's important to call out that there were a handful of cool cars in addition to all the amazing bikes.

The crowd was about as diverse as they come - young, old, singles, couples, bikers, non-bikers, club members, and people in costume.

Here are some motorized bicycles.  I think these would be fun to ride.

These old-school trikes always remind me of rides at a fair.  This one could use a little TLC.

Yamaha chop:

Here's a nice pair of shovelheads...

And I'll end with a bike I've seen lots of places including The Joint, Maiden Rock during the Flood Run, and even the Full Throttle Saloon in Sturgis.  It's the Mowercycle (aka Mowasaki).  It's a motorcycle/lawnmower hybrid and it always draws a crowd.

It's cold now but the snow will melt eventually and, before you know it, it will time to ride and enjoy great shows like this one again.  I can't wait.

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