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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Parts for Winter Projects

A few boxes have been arriving from eBay-land...

I'll be relocating the speedo and ditching the stock riser setup to accommodate my new 3.3 gallon tank.  I went with a smooth black top clamp and two different options for risers.  Both sets of risers are shorter than what I have today but I'm not sure which I'll go with - the really short ones or the taller pullback ones.  If I end up too hunched over, I'll find a different pair closer to stock height.

I got another brake pedal to replace my bent one.  Now I just need to cut, grind, drill, and tap it so I can use a shift peg like my last one.

Finally, here's my new seat.  It's a LePera Barebones (Model LF-006) - a very small, low, and narrow seat.  I am expecting a rather extreme departure from my Mustang Vintage Wide Solo.  My Mustang is big, wide, and super-comfortable (highly recommended).  I once rode 600 miles in one day on the Mustang.  I am quite sure I won't be able to walk after a 200-mile day on the LePera but you never know.

I'm looking forward to getting in the garage and getting the bike mocked up but with the holidays coming fast, I might have to wait a bit to really get going.

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