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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Under The Knife

With the riding season likely over, my focus turns to modifications.  The Sporty saw a lot of changes last winter including handlebars, fork springs, fork boots, and a homemade sissy bar.

This winter, I have new plans and the Sporty is going under the knife again.

This winter, at a minimum, I want to:
  • Change the tank to a 3.3 gallon, seal & paint it
  • Change the risers
  • Change the seat so it fits the smaller tank
  • Relocate the speedometer
  • Shave and possibly paint the forks
My long-term wishlist includes:
  • Hardtail the frame
  • Change the oil tank
  • Change the battery box
  • Change the sissy bar
  • Change the rear fender
  • Change seat (spring)
  • Change the headlight
  • Change to a mini speedometer
  • Change license plate holder / taillight combo
I've been shopping on eBay and I already have a brand new bare-metal 3.3 gallon tank and sealer kit (POR-15) on the way.  I am planning a rattlecan paint job but we'll see how that goes.  I have a few ideas but it will likely be a more traditional red & black design.  If I like the way it turns out, I'll probably try to get it cleared to protect it from gas.

I also have a clamp for the speedo on the way too.  I'm trying to figure out which size and type of risers I want to go with but I am leaning towards a set of black pullback risers to keep the handlebars pretty much where they are today.

Assuming I don't go all the way and hardtail the bike this winter (which would require a sprung seat), I will probably go with the Mustang Tripper Solo for the seat (I am a big fan of Mustang seats and have one on each bike) but I might try a LePera.  My current seat might work but I think it'll leave a big gap between it and the tank and look way too wide compared to the smaller tank.

Decisions, decisions...

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