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Friday, November 12, 2010

Fatboys and Deer Hunting

Last Sunday was a really nice day - close to 60 degrees.  I took a short ride north along MN-47 and then cut east on Viking Blvd.  I stopped at Fatboys in East Bethel for the first time in quite a while.  I just popped in for beverage and headed across the street to take some pictures.

I've been many times but I don't think I've posted anything about Fatboys.  It is a motorcycle-themed bar and grill.  All the barstools are solo motorcycle seats, which is kind of cool.  They have a number of motorcycles on display.  They occasionally host live music and events.  They have a decent amount of dedicated motorcycle parking and a burnout pit.  One important note is that the address on their website is very misleading.  Fatboys is actually at the corner of MN-65 and Sims Rd NE (Cty Rd 86) in East Bethel, MN.

Here's a pair of pics of Fatboys from across MN-65.

Next to where I took those photos was an old gas station.

On the way home, I could tell it was deer hunting season.  The firearms opener was this weekend.  The guys over at Church of Choppers should be thrilled.

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