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Friday, October 22, 2010

Ride to Welch - Part 1

I took advantage of the good weather last Saturday to do another 200+ mile ride.  It was clear with a high near 70.  I decided to go to Welch, MN.  I had been there twice before, both times in May.  I decided to get there via the St Croix Trail.  I took I-94 to exit 258 but instead of taking Cty Rd 18 towards Afton like I normally do, I followed signs for the St. Croix Scenic Byway and immediately took a right on Hudson Rd and then a left on Cty Rd 21.  There was a buffalo farm on the corner.

The road leads to Afton, just like Cty Rd 18 but is more scenic and a better ride. I continued on through Afton and crossed into Wisconsin at Prescott where I fueled up.  I kept riding to Diamond Bluff where I stopped briefly at the Nauti Hawg.

I continued south from there and cut back into Minnesota at Red Wing and followed US-61 to Cty Rd 7, which runs straight (or should I say curvy) into Welch, MN.  The best curves are actually south of Welch, in the few miles it takes to get to Vasa.

I took some pictures by the church in Vasa.

I stopped in Welch at the Cannon River Inn for a refreshing beverage.

Here are few shots from the bridge looking north at Welch.

The view to the east:

The view to the west:

Because I love the road so much, I went back south to Vasa and back up to Welch again.  Here are some shots along the way.  This road is a lot of fun.

More pics in Parts 2 & 3...

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