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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Joint Bike Night - Strike Two

Back in August, I stopped by The Joint for their monthly bike night (second Wednesday of the month).  It was deserted (Strike One).  However, it was also the week of Sturgis so I figured that was a good excuse.

Well, last week the weather was decent for October so I took a ride downtown to see what was going on for this month's bike night.  The weather was a little cool and it is getting dark earlier these days but First Thursday at Duluno's the week before was packed so I had high hopes I would finally be able to see what bike night at the Joint was like.

Unfortunately, it was practically empty again (no offense to the few people who were there). Granted there were a couple of bikes in front of The Joint and Whiskey Junction but it just looked like some buddies stopped for beers. It was not a big bike night crowd.  My Sportster was the only bike in The Joint's parking lot.

Disappointed, I drowned my sorrows in a beer but I did get some good pics of The Joint.  Maybe I need to try back in summer (but not August).

Here are two in color:

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