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Sunday, October 10, 2010

First Thursday - October 2010 - Part 2

More pics from First Thursday at Duluno's Pizza...  It may look packed in front of Duluno's (and it was)...

... but you have to realize that all the side streets were also lined with bikes.  This bike night gets a HUGE turnout.

As usual, you get a wide range of bikes turning up from this cushy Ferrari tribute bagger... vintage trikes (this one was for sale)... Japanese chops...

... to this classic Shovelhead hardtail (front):

Just like last time I attended, Zac Doom and crew from Heavy were there.  Their bikes are fantastic.  I've posted pics of them quite a few times but, what the hell, here's some more.  Here's Zac riding in (lower left):

Some shots of their bikes (they always draw a crowd).

Look for more pics from the evening in parts 3 & 4...

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