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Monday, September 27, 2010

Flood Run - Fall 2010 - Part 3

We went a little father south of Maiden Rock (near Pepin, I think) before turning around and heading back north.

Here's a shot somewhere along WI-35.  Note the view in the mirror.

We rode for nearly an hour back to Prescott, WI where we stopped at the No Name Saloon.

This ironhead Sportster seemed to have truckbed liner for paint.

Check out the dog just hanging out in the sidecar.

This red and white panhead was immaculate.


Johnny Wolf said...

That's a Softail Evo. With faux pan covers and a faux side cover. LOL!

Gophers and Cheese said...

Good eye. Well, it had me fooled. I see the Softail now. I know you can buy panhead rocker covers but it still looks like an actual panhead motor with the kicker and cam cover. Maybe it's just a modern replica. How can you tell it's an Evo? I'm not saying you're wrong as I'm certainly no expert - I just want to learn.

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