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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Uptown Art Fair 2010

After enjoying a large cold press at Bob's today, I headed up Lake St. to take a lap around Lake Calhoun but I ran into the Uptown Art Fair.  I decided to stop and take a walk.

I got a spot next to a camouflaged Honda scooter.  Can you see it?

It was hot and humid (especially in jeans & boots) but that didn't stop the crowd.  There was a great turnout.

There were beer tents along the way and I was pleasantly surprised by the fact you could drink on the street.

There was also entertainment...

...and food.  Yes, that guy is wearing a corn shirt and corn hat.

I was really excited to see a huge pan of paella being cooked in front of Kitchen Window.  I have seen that stuff cooked on TV but never in person.  I got a bowl and it was delicious.

Of course there was art too.  These wireframe dancers were beautiful.  The artist, Michael Gard, would make a wax figure, and wrap it in wire and then melt the wax away.  They came in different sizes up to life-size.

Another artist focused on the human form, Marc Sijan, made VERY lifelike sculptures.  They were better than some really good wax figures I've seen.  Check out the old biker.  If deer hunted bikers (like it sometimes seems they do), this is what they would hang in their living room.

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