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Monday, August 9, 2010

More of the Grand Rounds

On Sunday, I decided to ride the last 3 sections of the Grand Rounds that I have not covered (Theodore Wirth Parkway, Victory Memorial Parkway, and Northeast).

I headed down MN-100 to the Glenwood Ave exit and headed east to Theordore Wirth Parkway.  First, I headed south to Cedar Lake and then turned around and headed north.

It was so freakin' humid this weekend.  You can see my lens was all fogged up trying to take this pic.  It looks like I'm riding in heavy fog.

Theordore Wirth Parkway is a slightly curvy road alongside a golf course.  It's nice but other parts of the Grand Rounds are much better.  Continuing north you run right into Victory Memorial Parkway.

Victory Memorial Parkway is very straight except for one 90 degree turn.  There a lot of greenways and the trees are nice but, again, other parts of the Grand Rounds are much better to ride.

After passing Webber Park, I was planning to cross the river to the Northeast section of the Grand Rounds but the bridge was closed so that will have to wait for another day.  I headed north and found an entrance to I-94 and headed to Bob's for some iced coffee.

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