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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Dayton, MN

After my trip through more of the Grand Rounds and a stop at Bob's on Sunday, I headed northwest out of the city.

There's a little road I like that runs from Osseo to Champlin.  You can find a map on my Roads to Ride page.  I took I-694 to County Rd 81 to get there.  The road I am talking about is Fernbrook Ln to 129th Ave N.  It ends at County Rd 12 (Dayton River Road).

Here's a pair of shots heading north on Fernbrook Ln.

I headed northwest on County Road 12.  I had not gone this way before.  It was great because the road is smooth, few stops, and has a 50 mph limit.

I got to Dayton and took this picture looking up at St. John the Baptist Catholic Church.  There was a small festival going on but it was too hot & humid to walk around.

I had to head back south but I want to explore more of County Road 12.  Along the way, I snapped this picture in front of Winfield Farms.  I like riding through farmland - it makes for nice scenery.

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