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Friday, July 9, 2010

Weather or not

So my plan is to head out early tomorrow morning to the SCVR's Round Barn Run for a day of riding and a night of fun and camping.  The problem is that there is a good chance of scattered storms early tomorrow.  Maybe it will rain a little, a lot, or not at all.

The question is which bike to pack for the trip.  If the weather was looking a little better I would go with the Sporty and as little luggage as possible.  Not wanting to risk spending a day in wet clothes and soggy boots (especially after getting soaked on Monday), having some room to carry some extra gear is making the Road King a more attractive choice.  A little rain doesn't bother me at all but I want to be prepared if I'm going to ride through a lot of rain.

Here's the Sporty packed up with tent and gear.  It's pretty much all bungeed to the fender, not the sissy bar, but the sissy bar is intended to keep it from sliding off the back.  There's still a few things I will likely carry in a backpack if I end up going with the Sportster tomorrow morning.  It'll be a tight fit.

Decisions, decisions...

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