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Friday, July 9, 2010

Rumble on the Deck - 2010

I went to the Rumble on the Deck bike show at the Freight House in Sillwater, MN Thursday evening.  The weather was great and there was a strong turnout.  It was my first time attending.

Five bucks gets you in for the show, live music, and free food inside the Freight House:

On the deck there were a bunch of cool bikes including quite a few favorites from past shows.  The parking lot was full of great bikes too.

Here's a low and skinny Donnie Smith custom:

Kevin Baas' 1947 Knucklehead:

A few Sportsters:

A 1957 Harley Hummer:

A special treat was seeing Ed "Big Daddy" Roth's 1967 Megacycle:

There were tons of people there and while walking around I spotted Donnie Smith, Zac Doom from Heavy, and this guy on a gondola:

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